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Londonprime Flat Eyeshadow Brush [LP 328]

Londonprime Flat Eyeshadow Brush [LP 328]

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  • Description
  • A Flat Eyeshadow stiff brush is ideal for outlining, defining, and creating perfectly precise brows. The flat shape bristles apply color in a stroke to provide instant definition. Use with powder, liquid, or cream products.

    A flat eyeshadow blending brush is perfect for creating, defining, and outlining flawlessly precise eyebrows. The flat formation bristles apply hue in a stroke to give instant definition. You can utilize this HD flat eyeshadow brush with cream, liquid, and powder beauty products. An HD flat eyeshadow brush is utilized for eyeshadow color application as it holds the product well. It enables you to utilize eyeshadows evenly across your eyelids. Besides, HD flat eyebrow brush is a must-have if you like to experiment with a stunning smokey eye appearance.

  • Why London Prime brush
  • How to use London Pride's HD flat eyeshadow brush?

    London Pride's flat eyebrow brush has been manufactured for blending and applying the eyeshadow evenly. The hue transfers on your eyelids perfectly, with no falls making them look engaging and glamorous. Here are the steps to use our pointed eyeshadow brush.

    Step 1 - Take the right percentage of product and apply it across your eyelid.

    Step 2 - Sweep through the wrinkle of the eye for a blended and defined appearance.

    Our duo - fiber flat eyebrow brush is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and application for eyeshadows. This great quality thin straight brush is also perfect for professional eye makeup.

    Why shop for a flat eyeshadow brush from London Pride?

    Our small eyeshadow blending brush enables you to gradually erect color or blend it depending on the needed impact. Smear and apply colors onto your lower lash line, upper lash line, and eyelid with our HD flat eyeshadow brush to get different eye makeup appearances. Our HD flat eyeshadow brush is cruelty-free. Purchase this HD eyebrow brush from our website at a reasonable price.

    You can also buy an eyeshadow buffing brush from London Pride to easily blend your eyeshadow. Also, don't forget to get a pencil brush for eyeshadow and enjoy the opportunity of a seamless shopping experience. You can even buy a tapered eyeshadow brush from us at a very affordable price.

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