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Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream

Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream

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  • Description
  • The Lotus Herbal Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream is the perfect night solution to replenish & restore the lost skin nutrients and moisture. The Lotus night cream gets effortlessly absorbed into the skin with minimal effort and gives a boost of hydration to the skin. It consists of natural oxidants that make this night cream highly antiseptic and astringent. With the goodness of Blackberry Extracts, this cream helps in strengthening the skin's natural barriers and restore the skin’s firmness & resilience.

    Blackberry extracts
    Blackberries are a rich source of Vitamin-C and anthocyanins that help in the generation of new cells on the skin. It acts as a natural cleanser in clearing out dirt and excess sebum from the pores. They feed the skin with essential nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids help retain moisture in the skin.

  • How To Use
  • STEP 1: Apply a pea-sized amount of "NUTRANITE ™ Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Crème" before you go to bed. Gently warm up the Creme on your fingers.

    STEP 2: Now use your fingers to gently rub the Night Creme into the skin. Start with circular motions on your cheeks and later apply on your neck area, forehead and T-zone.

    STEP 3: Use gentle upward strokes when applying on face and neck. Make sure you are always lifting the skin and never dragging it down.

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