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Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Transforming Cream SPF 25 | PA+++

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Transforming Cream SPF 25 | PA+++

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  • Description
  • The Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Transforming Cream with SPF 25 is a testament to a revolutionary development in ‘Green Science’. It comes with the ‘Gineplex Youth Compound’ derived from potent natural ingredients and is clinically proven to accelerate the process of skin lifting, firming and protective skin action. 

    The Transforming Creme fights off wrinkles and reduces fine lines, revealing healthier, younger looking skin in a week. The Gineplex Youth Compounds present in this natural Anti-aging cream absorb instantly into your skin and provide exceptional moisturisation & hydration to the skin.

    Ginger is an age old medicine with anti-inflammatory properties that can help many skin ailments. It has 40 antioxidant properties that help prevent free radical damage and aging. It improves skin's elasticity and helps fight pigmentation. It flushes out toxins off the skin and helps reduce cellulite. It evens skin tone, preserves skin's collagen and helps rejuvenate skin cells.

    The Ginseng extracts have many beneficial properties that help maintain the skin’s elasticity. It acts as a natural antioxidant and is efficient in fighting dark circles, puffiness and dullness. As the mature skin gets more sensitive with time, Ginseng’s anti-inflammatory properties help combat the skin sensitivity and makes it more anti-aging. It is an overall complexion booster.

  • How To Use
  • STEP 1: Take a coin-sized amount of "Youthrx Foaming Gel" on your finger tips. Gently cleanse your face and neck using circular motions for few minutes. Wash it off with cool water.

    STEP 2: Take a pea-sized amount of "Youthrx Transforming Crème" in your hands and gently warm up the creme on your fingers. Now use your fingers to gently massage the creme into the skin.

    STEP 3: Start with circular motions on your cheeks and later apply on your neck area, forehead and T-zone. Use gentle upward strokes when applying on face and neck. Make sure you are always lifting the skin and never dragging it down.

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