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Lotus Herbal Radiant Gold Cellular Glow Salon Grade 4 Facial Kit

Lotus Herbal Radiant Gold Cellular Glow Salon Grade 4 Facial Kit

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  • Description
  • for a nourished and radiant skin, Lotus Herbals Radiant Gold Cellular Glow Facial Kit is the perfect facial kit. For a glowing skin, this kit comes with revitalizing effects. This kit contains 4 different creams with natural ingredients such as Horse Chestnut and Papaya extracts.

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    24 Karat Gold Leaves
    The Gold leaves have the ability to promote youthful-looking skin by stimulating collagen and increasing skin elasticity for a firmer complexion and younger-looking skin.

    Papaya Extracts
    Papaya Extracts provide the skin with moisture that can help battle dry & flaky skin. This natural ingredient helps you achieve smooth and radiant skin.

    Horse chestnut
    Horse Chestnut or Aesculus hippocastanum is popular for its therapeutic properties. It improves the flow of blood in the skin and lifts up the glow in dry, dull skin. It is rich in antioxidants that help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals of the environment. It has flavonoid compounds that protect the skin from harmful effects of sun damage.

  • How To Use
  • STEP 1: Take a generous amount of "Radiant Gold Exfoliating Cleanser" on your finger tips. Gently exfoliate your face and neck using circular motions for few minutes.

    STEP 2: Follow-up with 5 or 7 drops of "Radiant Gold Activator" on your finger tips. Gently rub-in the activator using circular motions into the skin.

    STEP 3: Now use a pea-sized amount of "Radiant Gold Massage Crème" to replenish the skin cells. Apply it all over your face and neck for 10-15 minutes using circular motions for a wholesome nourishment.

    STEP 4: Now follow-up with a "Radiant Gold Mask". Let it rest on your face for 10 minutes and remove any residue left on the face using damp cotton.

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